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The Matrimandir wants to be the symbol of the Divine’s answer to man’s aspiration for perfection.

Union with the Divine manifesting in a progressive human unity.

14 August 1970


The Matrimandir wants to be the symbol of the Universal Mother according to Sri Aurobindo’s teaching.


The Matrimandir will be the soul of Auroville.

The sooner the soul is there, the better it will be for everybody and especially for the Aurovilians.

15 November 1970


For the construction of the Matrimandir, will only Aurovilians do the work or will there also be hired workers and other people of goodwill?

It is preferable that the work be organised without paid labour so that it is sure to continue in all circumstances.

16 February 1971


[Message for the laying of the Matrimandir foundation-stone]

Let the Matrimandir be the living symbol of Auroville’s aspiration for the Divine.

21 February 1971



[Message for the beginning of work upon the Matrimandir]

The fraternity of collaboration.

The aspiration towards Unity in joy and Light.


14 March 1971


As we are in a period of construction, it is imperative that the Aurovilians who live at the Centre work on the construction of the Matrimandir.

Those who do not want to work on the Matrimandir should not live at the Centre.

10 April 1971



The Matrimandir is directly under the influence of the Divine and certainly He arranges things better than we could do ourselves.

October 1971


There is only one Matrimandir, the Matrimandir of Auroville.

The others must have another name.

5 October 1971


The safety and strength of the construction should come before personal questions.

I count upon you to see that everything is done harmoniously.

20 October 1971


Can you give some general ideas about the way in which you want the Matrimandir to be built, so that we shall have no more doubts and may build with light and confident hearts?

Strength, safety, durability, harmonious balance.

The foundations are especially important and should be done by experts.

There is room for everyone of goodwill, and for those who in all sincerity and simplicity want to offer their work, there is enough to keep them usefully occupied.

3 November 1971


[Message for the beginning of construction of the four foundation pillars which support the Matrimandir sphere]


Let Auroville be the symbol of a progressive Unity.

And the best way to realise this is a unity of aspiration towards the Divine Perfection in work and in feeling, in a consecration of the entire life.

21 February 1972


[Significance of the four pillars]



[Significance of the twelve underground rooms which will radiate from the Matrimandir foundation]

Sincerity, Humility, Gratitude, Perseverance, Aspiration, Receptivity, Progress, Courage, Goodness, Generosity, Equality, Peace.

July 1972


[Significance of the twelve gardens surrounding the Matrimandir]

Existence, Consciousness, Bliss, Light, Life, Power, Wealth, Utility, Progress, Youth, Harmony, Perfection.


[Message for the concreting of the Matrimandir foundation floor]

Let us all work with a growing sincerity for the manifestation of the Divine Truth.

3 May 1972



[Message for the Matrimandir workers on the first day of Sri Aurobindo’s birth centenary]

Goodwill and peace to all.

15 August 1972