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10 March 1973

I do not know, whenever I try to come in contact with this consciousness,fnThe New Consciousness. I have always the feeling, as you say, of a luminous vastness.


But I have the feeling that it does not move, that one is there and one can eternally remain like that, but…

It is so. This is my feeling.

Is it enough to let oneself be filled with That, is there nothing else to do?

I think, I think that it is the only thing. I am repeating always: “What Thou willest, what Thou willest, what Thou willest… let it be what Thou willest, may I do what Thou willest, may I be conscious of what Thou willest.”

And also: “Without Thee it is death; with Thee it is life.” By “death” I do not mean physical death—it may be so; it may be that now if I lost the contact, that would be the end, but it is impossible! I have the feeling that it is… that I am That—with all the obstructions that the present consciousness may still have, that’s all. And then, when I see someone [Mother opens her hands as though to offer the person to the Light], whoever he may be: like that [same gesture].


All the while (it is amusing), all the while I have the feeling that I am a little baby who nestles—nestles within… (what to call it?) a Divine Consciousness… all-embracing.