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8 November 1972

I have had for a moment—just a few seconds—the supramental consciousness. It was so wonderful, my child!… I have understood that if we were made to taste of that now, we would not wish to live otherwise. And we are in the course of [gesture of kneading] changing laboriously. And the change, the process of the change, seems… One can have it through a sort of indifference (I do not know how to say it). But it does not last for long. And generally it is laborious.

But that consciousness, it is so wonderful, you know!

And it is a very interesting thing, for it is, as it were, an utmost activity in a complete peace. But that lasted only a few seconds.


And you?

It is a total consciousness?

It is extraordinary. It is like the harmonisation of contraries. An activity, yes, total, tremendous, and a perfect peace.

But all these are words.


It is a material consciousness?

The action is a material action—but not in the same manner.


How can one come into contact with that more easily? How can one reach there or be there?

I do not know, because for me the whole consciousness, including that of the body, is always [gesture of offering] turned constantly towards the… what it feels as the Divine.

And that without “trying”, you understand?

Yes, yes.