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4 November 1972

The whole subconscient… [Mother makes a gesture of a rising up from below.]


It is not a sensation, it is not knowledge, it is a kind of… [Mother feels the air with her hand]… it cannot be called a conviction: it is a certitude—a certitude in the perception—that there is a Beatitude which… which is there, ready for us, and that there is a whole world of contradictions suppressed in the subconscient which comes up in this way to prevent us from feeling it. So… one might say it is a battlefield, but in a perfect calm. It is impossible to describe.

Impossible to describe.

So, if I do not move and if I enter into this Consciousness, time passes with a tremendous speed and in a kind of… luminous calm. And then, the slightest thing that pulls me out of it, it is as though I was dragged into a hell. That is it.

The unease is so great that you feel you cannot live one minute or a few minutes in that way. And then… and then you call the Divine… then you feel you nestle within the Divine.

Then it is all right.