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12 April 1972

Mother hands the disciple a card on which is printed her photo and the following text:

“No human will can finally prevail against the Divine’s will.

“Let us put ourselves deliberately and exclusively on the side of the Divine and the victory is ultimately certain.”

The Mother

It is strange how human nature resists that. Ordinary human nature is such that it prefers defeat through its own will to victory gained otherwise. I am discovering things… incredible—incredible.

The depth of human stupidity is incredible. Incredible.

It is as though this Force of which I have spokenfnThe descent of 21 February 1972 (“a frightful Pressure to bring about the desired progress”). was going down like that [gesture of an imperturbable descent], deeper and deeper, towards the subconscient.

In the subconscient, there are things… incredible—incredible. I am passing night after night seeing that. And the Force goes down and down, imperatively.

And then the human subconscient cries out, “Oh! Not yet, not yet—not so soon!” And it is against that that one must struggle. It is the general subconscient.

And naturally, the resistance brings about catastrophes, but then one says, “Just see, see how beneficial is your action! It brings catastrophes.” Incredible, incredible stupidity.

One must remain… remain clinging to the Divine.


Don’t you see? Has it not good reasons for itself? It says, “Just see, just see where it leads, you see.”… Oh! It is… it is not merely resistance, it is perverse.


It is a perversity.

Yes, yes, Mother, I see it very clearly. I see very clearly that it is really a perversity.

It is a perversity.

But one has the feeling that there is something which obeys nothing.

No, there is only to… If one were able not to listen, it would be better; but if you listen, you have only to answer, “I don’t care, I don’t care”—all the while. “You will become a fool”—“I don’t care.” “You will spoil all your work”—“I don’t care.”… To all these perverse arguments you answer: “I don’t care.”

If you can have the experience that it is the Divine who is doing everything, then with an unshakable faith you say, “All your arguments have no value; the delight of being with the Divine, conscious of the Divine, surpasses everything—surpasses the creation, surpasses life, surpasses happiness, surpasses success, surpasses everything.” [Mother raises a finger] That!

Then everything is all right, there is an end of the thing.

It is as though That was pushing into the light, was forcing into the light, into contact with this Force all the worst that there is in the nature… so that it may be ended.

And then That clings to what in us was of goodwill.

A moment does come when it is absolutely wonderful, but you pass through hours that are not pleasant.

Yes, yes, there are moments when one asks oneself if everything is not going to be swept away.

[Mother laughs] That is absurd, absurd! It is the resistance that will be wholly swept away.


[Mother goes within.]

I have more and more the feeling that there is only one way.… [Mother laughs] It makes an amusing picture: sit upon the mind. Sit upon the mind: “Keep quiet.” That is the only way.

You sit upon the mind [Mother gives a little tap]: “Keep quiet.”


In the subconscient there is the memory of bygone pralayas, so it is this memory that always gives the feeling that everything will be dissolved, everything will collapse.

But if one looks with the true light, it can only be one manifestation that will dissolve and there will be a more beautiful manifestation. Théon had told me that this was the seventh and the last. I told Sri Aurobindo what Théon had said and Sri Aurobindo agreed, because he said: This one will see the transformation towards the Supramental. But for that, for the Supramental, the mind must fall silent: and that gives me always the feeling [Mother laughs] that a child is sitting on the head of the mind and playing [gesture, of a child beating with his legs] on the head of the mind!… If I could still draw a picture, it would be truly amusing. The mind—this fat earthly mind [Mother puffs out her cheeks] which considers itself so important and indispensable, and then the child sitting on its head and playing! It is very amusing.


Ah, my child, we have no faith. As soon as one has faith… We say, “We want the divine life”—yet we are afraid of it! But as soon as fear goes away and we are sincere… everything changes truly.

We say, “We do not want any more this life”, and [Mother laughs] something is there that clings to it!

It is so ridiculous.

We cling to our old ideas, our old… to this old world which must disappear—and we are afraid!

And the Divine child seated on the head of the mind and playing!… I wish I could draw this picture, it is wonderful.

We are so stupid that we even come to say [Mother assumes a tone of offended dignity]: “The Divine is wrong, he should not do like that.” It is comical, my child.


For me, the best remedy (that is to say, the easiest) is: “What Thou willest. What Thou willest”, in all sincerity. And then—then comes understanding. Then you understand. But you do not understand mentally, it is not there [Mother touches her head].

“What Thou willest.”