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9 February 1972

This talk begins with Mother’s comments on the message to be distributed on the Darshan of 21 February 1972.

“The complete unification of the whole being around the psychic centre is the essential condition to realise a perfect sincerity.”

I have observed that people were insincere simply because one part of the being says one thing and another part says another thing. It is that which constitutes insincerity.

But it is very difficult to have a state of consciousness that is permanent, to have always the same consciousness ruling all the time.

But that is true so long as one is not unified, my child. As for me it has always been the same thing [Mother makes a gesture of a straight line] for years and years. It comes from there, it is the psychic consciousness, and it is constant.

I have had recently for some moments the experience of un-unified consciousness, but it has not been like that for years and years, at least for thirty years.fnIn fact sixty-five. Directly the psychic being became the master, began ruling the being, it was finished—finished, and it has been like that [same gesture of a straight line]. This indeed is a sure sign, always like that, always the same. And it is always the same thing: “What Thou willest, what Thou willest.” And this “Thou” is not something that is up there in some far-off region and whom one does not know: He is everywhere, He is in everything, He is there constantly, He 291is within the being—and you cling to Him in that way; this the only solution.

This is a recent discovery of mine. It is the discovery why people are insincere (even when they try to be sincere)—because it is now one part, now another part and now a third part that is so; that part is then quite sincere in its demands, but it is not in consonance with the rest.

Yes, this means that the psychic consciousness enters into the physical consciousness.


Because, there alone things are permanent.


The psychic consciousness must enter into the ordinary physical consciousness.


That is the difficult thing.

But, my child, that happened to me, as I told you, at least thirty years ago.

The psychic consciousness was always there ruling the being and guiding it. And all impressions, everything was placed before it in this way [gesture as though in front of a searchlight] so that it might give the right direction. And the physical also was all the time as though listening always to the command from the Divine. But the thing was constant, constant—before I came here. I came here in that state—it was long ago. And the thing has not flickered. It is only recently that I had this experiencefnThe experience of un-unified consciousness. 292one night for some hours, two to three hours—well, it was horrible, it appeared to me hellish. It was to make me know, to make me understand the condition of others. And then, when the psychic is no longer there…

The body is like this, always listening, listening, always listening [gesture upward or inward]—listening. But the thing is not expressed in words,—the Divine’s command,—it expresses itself just like a will asserting itself [gesture of an unshakable descent].

Need I add anything to make it precise?

You said, “complete unification of the whole being”.

That means the physical also.