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30 October 1971

I have as though the feeling that I know the why of creation.

It was to realise the phenomenon of a consciousness which would have at the same time the individual consciousness—the individual consciousness that we naturally have—and the consciousness of the whole, the consciousness (how to say it?)… one might say “global”. But the two consciousnesses unite in something… which we have yet to find.

A consciousness at the same time individual and total. And all this labour is for the sake of uniting the two consciousnesses into one consciousness which is that at the same time. And that is the next realisation.


For us it seems to take time (it is translated for us by time), as though it is “being done”, as though something is “to be done”. But that is the illusion in which we are. Because we have not… crossed over to the other side.

But the individual consciousness is not at all a falsehood; it must be linked with the consciousness of the whole in such a way that it makes another consciousness which for the moment we do not yet possess. Not that it must abolish the other, you understand? There has to be an adjustment, a different aspect, I do not know… in which the two are manifested simultaneously.

For example, at this moment there is a whole series of experiences about the power of creation that is latent in the individual consciousness, that is to say, the capacity for knowing things—knowing, or what we call “willing”—in the individual consciousness before they have come into being. We say “we will that”, but it is an intermediary,fnMother means an intermediary consciousness. it is the consciousness which is 276on the way towards something where it is at the same time the vision of what has to be and the capacity to realise it.

That is the next step. Afterwards…

So, for us, that is to say, for the individual consciousness, the thing is translated by time, the time needed for… I do not know how to say it.

I feel it like that: you are not this, you are not yet that, and you must not leave this to become that—the two must become one and form something new.

And that explains everything—everything, everything, everything. And that annuls nothing.

It is a hundred times more wonderful than anything we can imagine.

The question is to know whether that [Mother’s body] will be able to follow.… In order to follow, not only must it endure but acquire a new form, a new life. That, I do not know. In any case, it does not matter—the consciousness is clear and the consciousness is not subject to that [Mother points to her body]. If that can be made use of, so much the better, otherwise… There are things still to be found.

Yes, things to be found! The old routine is ended. It is ended.

What is to be found is the plasticity of Matter, so that Matter is able to progress always. There you are.

How long will it take? I do not know. How much experience is needed? I do not know. But now the way is clear.

The way is clear.