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29 September 1971

Durga Puja: Victory Day (Vijaya Dashami)

It was clear, very clear today, a strong Pressure to say: Victory, it is Harmony; Victory, it is the Divine; and for the body, Victory is good health. Each and every ailment, each and every illness is a falsehood. It came this morning. And it was so clear. It was convincing.

So, it is all right.

It is as though by the Pressure all Falsehood had come out. The most unexpected things—in people, in objects, in circumstances. And it is truly… no imagination can equal that. It is unbelievable.

But it is a good sign, isn’t it?

Oh, yes! Oh, yes!… It is as though there had been a poison, yes, and by pressing, the poison came out to disappear, and it is coming out!…

Later on, one will be able to speak of it. It is truly interesting, truly. Yes, it is a good sign, a very good sign.

Yes, it means that all these forces that for thousands of years lay hidden below…


… have lost their refuge.

Yes, it is that. It is so.

We shall see. It is not time yet to speak of it. Later on. Unbelievable, my child!

But a Power! Power, oh!… [Mother shuts her eyes and smiles.]