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17 July 1971

I have understood that if the Supreme Consciousness had for one single minute the kind of consciousness that men have, the world would be dissolved.… Quite spontaneously, for us, our reaction, our spontaneous reaction to things, to what seems to us bad, is to destroy what is false. The spontaneous reactions. Not to transform, but to destroy—you understand, there is a gulf between the two.


And it is spontaneous, this idea of doing away—doing away with falsehood. But if for a single second the supreme Lord were to have that movement, there would be no world any more!… And this, I believe the body has understood. I believe it has understood, it was extraordinary.… What are we! What are men! They believe, God [Mother pretends to put on airs], they believe… oh!… If they have a little understanding or if they put in a little effort for perfection, oh! [same gesture] they believe they are, they believe they are extraordinary! [Mother takes her head between her hands and laughs.]

Somewhere Sri Aurobindo has said that when you are in touch with the divine consciousness, it gives you all of a sudden the sense… to what extent the world is ridiculous in its fatuity. The fatuity of men.… But even (I have had contacts with animals), even with the animals that has begun. Vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity.…


You know, deception and attempts at deception are taken almost everywhere as goodwill. And those who do not want to deceive but who deceive themselves are already exceptional beings.


These are not discoveries, but things that I saw; but they are seen occasionally, exceptionally, either for this or for that—but then, I had the vision of the whole world, of the whole earth, of the whole human effort, of all men, everything.… We live in a deception… it is frightful!… And what is more, one deceives oneself even more than one seeks to deceive others.


That is to say, we see nothing as it is.

[Long silence]

There is only one safety: to cling to the Divine, like this [gesture of clenched fists].

Not clinging to what one thinks to be the Divine, not even to that which one feels to be the Divine.… An aspiration… as sincere an aspiration as possible. And to cling to that.


You know, one thing I have already told you, it is that now the body, the consciousness of the body, knows in advance what is going to happen, it knows beforehand what people are going to tell it. But it does not know… (how to say it?) exactly how it happens materially, but the spirit in which it is done… constantly.… It is very strange. I am there, without moving, trying to belong to the Divine alone, and then things happen—they happen like this [gesture as of things happening upon a screen in front of her], things come, objects, facts, people speaking.… And then, at first I believed it was my material consciousness that could not remain silent, and then I found that it was coming from outside and it was getting materialised on the material plane. That is how, if I mentalised these things now, I could foresee, tell what is going to happen.… Only, in the ordinary man the 263mind makes use of this for prophesying—but happily the mind is not there, it is quiet, it is absent. Only, when things are told to me or spoken before me, nothing surprises this body, it seems to know. Strange. A kind of universalisation.