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9 June 1971

There is a rush of adverse forces. A mad rush. But the Response has started coming—it is just a small beginning. In everyone it was as though a hurricane—it has not gone completely. All that was believed to have been conquered and repulsed, rushes back again—in the most unexpected persons—in all forms, but especially in character, oh!… doubts and revolts and all that.…


A message was asked from me for the whole of India. I have given it. [Mother hands the text to the disciple.]

Supreme Lord, Eternal Truth
Let us obey Thee alone
and live according to

It is a terrible onrush of Falsehood. It was as though the whole world, everyone were lying, even the most unexpected people—everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. And for me it was a living thing [Mother makes a gesture of seeing] oh! horrible, you can’t imagine.… A little twist to the right, a little twist to the left, a little twist… nothing, nothing, nothing is straight. And then the body asked itself, “Where is your falsehood?” It looked at itself. And it saw this old story: “The Lord is to be called only when the matter is important! [Mother laughs] You don’t expect to be with Him all the time!” Then it got a good rap!… It was not aggressive, it looked something like humility—it got a good slap.

It was a mad fury of disagreeable things—more than disagreeable: truly, truly wicked and bad and destructive. A 259fury, until it got the understanding. Then this feeling came in the whole body, in all the cells, everywhere, all the while—it reached such a point that I was not able to swallow when I was eating—until everything, everything got the understanding: I exist only through the Divine and I cannot subsist but through the Divine… and I cannot be myself but by being the Divine. After that, things were better. Now the body has understood.

[Long silence]

You have nothing to ask? Nothing to say?

I have the feeling that the destiny is bad.

No, it is not true. This is part of the Falsehood; it is this Falsehood. There is no bad destiny, it is a lie! It is a real falsehood.… It is not true at all, at all, at all.

There, that just gives you an example: it is like that, like that everywhere [gesture, as though with claws]. As for me, I feel as though I see goblins with hooked hands that try to clutch at everybody. Ah! You should have a look at them and then laugh—stick out your tongue, like a child with no manners.

[Long silence]

In any case, you are attacked on all sides.

Oh!… I tell you it is a massive rush—but it does not matter.… One must rise above, and then [gesture of seeing from above].

What I have told you is the Truth, it is the only remedy:
To exist only for the Divine.
To exist only through the Divine.
To exist only in the service of the Divine.
To exist only… by becoming the Divine.


There you are.

There is no “you”, there is no “one must wait”, there is no “it will come in its time”, there is no… all these things very reasonable do not exist any more—it is That [Mother brings down her fist], like a sword blade. It is That. It is That in spite of everything: the Divine, the Divine alone. All this rubbish of bad will and revolt and… all that [Mother lifts a stiff finger], that must be swept away. And that which says that one shall perish or be destroyed by That, is the ego—it is Sir Ego that tries to be taken as the true being.

But the body has learnt that even without the ego, it is what it is, because it is that by the divine Will, not by the ego—we exist by the divine Will and not by the ego. The ego was a means—a means for many centuries—now it is worth nothing, its time has passed. Now… [Mother brings down her fist], consciousness, it is the Divine; power, it is the Divine; action, it is the Divine; individuality, it is the Divine.

And the body has understood, felt very well; it has realised, understood that this sense of being a separate individuality is altogether useless, altogether; it is not at all indispensable for its existence, it is wholly useless. It exists through another power and another will which is not personal: it is the divine Will. And it will be what it should be only the day it feels that there is no difference between itself and the Divine. That is all.

All the rest is falsehood—falsehood, falsehood, and falsehood that must disappear. There is only one reality, there is only one life, there is only one consciousness [Mother brings down her fist]: the Divine.