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22 May 1971

If the Lord wants success for us, it can be something tremendous. There is the possibility of a tre-men-dous success—not in the air, but here. The whole thing is to know whether the time for that success has come.

[Long silence]

Everywhere there is the possibility, I tell you, of an… extraordinary success. Has the moment come? I do not know.… As for myself, I make myself like this [gesture of smallness], physically quite small, and I leave… [gesture of arms open wide towards the Lord].

You see, there is the Will that is coming down and then there are all these formations that get in and delay its execution—I would like, I would like my atmosphere to be… a limpid, altogether limpid transmitter. I do not try even to know what it is, for that too brings in an ordinary humanity.… The limpid, limpid transmitter: let it come like that [gesture of descent], pure, in all its purity—even if it be formidable.

In reality, we do not know why this is like that, why that is like that, and we have a vision… even if our vision englobes the earth, it is so small, so small—so exclusive: we want this, we do not want that.… First of all, the very first thing is to make the instruments… one must be limpid, limpid, letting things pass without deformation, without obstruction.

Indeed, I am spending my time at that: trying to be like that.

But this possibility of victory that you are feeling, is it something recent?


It is recent. Because, apparently, the circumstances are evidently not so good—apparently.

Oh! You know… all the circumstances seemed to organise themselves for a catastrophe.


Only a few days ago it was as though the catastrophe was impending. And then, at that moment, my whole being was, as though… (how to say it?) it was, yes, one might call it an aspiration for the true Victory, not that which this one wants or that one wants or… but the real Victory. It is this which seems to have brought in all the difficulties—these exclusive wills. And then, all at once there appeared as though a light: the possibility of the Victory. It is still… it is not miraculous, but it is the Intervention… the intervention of the Supreme Wisdom. Will it be concrete? We will see. It seems to come, it seems to come in this way [gesture of a certain height, the two palms turned downward], as a possibility.

No, it is recent, quite recent. I cannot say, for it did not come suddenly, but it is a question of days.

Yes, because for some time I was feeling a great pessimism.

That is a bad attitude.

I did not have that attitude, however, but it was as though a pessimistic atmosphere was coming in.

All that does not want the Divine creates this atmosphere purposely to discourage those who want the Divine. You must… you must not pay attention. That, that is the way of the devil. Pessimism is the demon’s weapon and he senses his situation 257[gesture of shaking]. Well, if what I see as possible is realised, it will be truly a decisive victory over the adverse forces—naturally, he defends himself as best he can.… That, it is always the devil; as soon as you see even the tail of pessimism, it is the devil. That is his great weapon.