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1 May 1971

One really feels that the world is in turmoil.

Yes, oh, yes!

And individuals.


Since the morning, it has been like that—strikes, quarrels, disorders.… And then the feeling that order must be re-established with the help of those who have created the disorder. That is the thing to be done. Instead of the basis of ordinary goodwill and all the moral and social rules—all that dashed to the ground—one must rise above, the divine Will and the divine Harmony must be there, it is that which we want; and then those who have revolted against the ordinary law of things and the ordinary social conventions: prove that you are in relation with a higher consciousness and a truer truth.

It is time to do it [gesture of a leap upward].

And from the point of view of organising power, it is a power… extremely powerful. It is a wonder. And then, if this power is placed at the disposal of the higher order, the truer consciousness, something can be done.

One must… must make a leap upward.

All the people who want to re-establish order pull backward into all the old ideas—that is why they never succeed. That is finished, finished for good. We go upward. Only they who rise can act.

[Long silence]

You have nothing? Nothing to ask?

I do not know very well in which direction I am moving.

There is only one direction—towards the Divine. And as you know, it is as much inward as it is outward, as much upward as downward. It is everywhere. It is in the world as it is that one must find the Divine and cling to Him—to Him alone; there is no other way.