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11 January 1971

After a long physical trial of about a month and a half, Mother made the following comments, which were noted down from memory by a disciple.

In physical vision a much more continued concentration is needed. Physical sight serves to stabilise. It gives a continuity to things. It is the same thing with regard to hearing. So, when they are not there any more, one becomes directly conscious of the thing, and that gives the true knowledge. The Supramental will surely act in that way.

Physical sight and hearing have been thrown into the background to make room for identification by consciousness, for the sake of the growth of consciousness.

The means for relating, knowing, is consciousness identifying itself with the thing or the person. Instead of having the normal sense of separation, there is the sense of constant union. There are experiences altogether interesting. There are people who call me and think of me. That comes into the field of my consciousness. And after a time I am told, “Such a person has come” or “Something has happened to such a person”, and I say, “I know.” At the time the thing had happened, I was not told anything, but I was conscious as though the thing had happened in a part of my own being.