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1 July 1970

I had an experience which was for me interesting, because it was for the first time. It was yesterday or the day before, I do not remember. X was there just in front of me, and I saw her psychic being, dominating over her by so much [gesture indicating about twenty centimetres], taller. It was the first time. Her physical being was small and her psychic being was so much bigger. And it was an unsexed being, neither man nor woman. Then I said to myself (possibly it is always so, I do not know, but here I noticed it very clearly), I said to myself, “But it is the psychic being, it is that which will materialise itself and become the supramental being!”

I saw it, it was so. There were particularities, but these were not well-marked, and it was clearly a being that was neither man nor woman, having the combined characteristics of both. And it was bigger than the person and in every way overtopped her by about so much [gesture surpassing the physical body by about twenty centimetres]; she was there and it was like this [same gesture]. And it had this colour… this colour… which if it became quite material would be the colour of Auroville.fnOrange. It was fainter, as though behind a veil, it was not absolutely precise, but it was that colour. There was hair on the head, but… it was somewhat different. I shall see better perhaps another time. But it interested me very much, because it was as though that being were telling me, “But you are busy looking to see what kind of being the supramental will be—there it is! There, it is that.” And it was there. It was the psychic being of the person.

So, one understands. One understands: the psychic being materialises itself… and that gives continuity to evolution. This 239creation gives altogether the feeling that there is nothing arbitrary, there is a kind of divine logic behind and it is not like our human logic, it is very much superior to ours—but there is one, and that was fully satisfied when I saw this.

It is really interesting. I was very interested. It was there, calm and quiet, and it said to me, “You were looking, well, there it is, yes, it is that!”

And then I understood why the mind and the vital were sent out of this body, leaving the psychic being—naturally it was that which had been always governing all the movements, so it was nothing new, but there are no difficulties any more: all the complications that were coming from the vital and the mental, adding their impressions and tendencies, all gone. And I understood: “Ah! It is that, it is this psychic being which has to become the supramental being.”

But I never sought to know what its appearance was like. And when I saw X, I understood. And I see it, I am seeing it still, I have kept the memory. It was as though the hair on the head was red (but it was not like that). And its expression! An expression so fine, and sweetly ironical… oh! extraordinary, extraordinary.

And you understand, I had my eyes open, it was almost a material vision.

So one understands. All of a sudden all the questions have vanished, it has become very clear, very simple.


And it is precisely the psychic that survives. So, if it materialises itself, it means the abolition of death. But “abolition” … nothing is abolished except what is not in accordance with the Truth, which goes away… whatever is not capable of transforming itself in the image of the psychic and becoming an integral part of the psychic.

It is truly interesting.