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1 October 1969

About Mother’s talk of 26 August 1953 on Love.

Mother, this power of Love that comes—it comes at times, one feels, one loves truly—but why is one not able to keep it constantly?

One must have the power to keep it!

I too think one must, but one is not able to keep it.

My child… it is here constantly, constantly, whatever the body may be doing—whether seeing people or being busy with itself or sleeping—it is always, always there, conscious, vibrant. I say, “It is possible”; it is a fact. Only, what is needed… what prevents it generally is that the physical consciousness in most men is very obscure; it is made only of the most material needs, desires, reactions. But what is needed is to awaken in the cells the love for the Divine; it is always so, all the time, and it does not change, does not change any more. It is even much more constant than any mental or vital movement; it is like this [Mother closes both her fists], it does not move. The cells are all the while like this, in a state of love for the Divine. What is most remarkable in the physical is that once it has learnt a thing it never forgets it. The cells, once they have learnt it, this self-giving, this offering to the Divine, this need of self-offering, have learnt it for good; it does not flicker any more. It is constant, twenty-four hours out of twenty-four, without stop and day after day, and there is no change. Even if there be something that is not all right (either a pain or something else), the first movement, yes, it is that, it is to offer itself, give itself—spontaneously. The higher consciousness does not intervene. It is spontaneous, it is 190the consciousness contained in the cells. It is the vital and the mental that are unstable in that way [gesture of zigzagging]. Particularly, particularly it is the vital that is interested in all sorts of things. Naturally, the two are interdependent.

The ego must be abolished, the rule of the ego must be abolished. But generally people believe that it is not possible to abolish the physical ego; not only is it possible, it has been done. And the body continues, continues to walk about, it is not gone (there was a little difficult moment—but just a little).

Now the cells are wondering how it is at all possible to continue to exist without this movement of adoration. They are like that [gesture of intense aspiration], everywhere, everywhere. It is very interesting.

All these difficulties that one has with the inner development when one is dealing with the vital and the mental, the revivals of old things and all that, now here (in the body) are gone; it is not like that.