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4 June 1969

I looked into the matter a great deal after you left me last time, the whole day.… There is some sense that thatfnThe glorious body. would be a wonderful solution. When you said it, something became concrete all of a sudden. But there was no personal sense within… the body has none at all, at all, no ambition or desire whatsoever or even aspiration to become that, but there was only a kind of delight in the possibility of “that” being done; if it were done, it matters not who or where or how: only let that be done. And I looked at it with very, very close attention; not for a moment was there the idea: “It must be this” [Mother pinches her skin with her fingers], you understand? It was: “Let there be this incarnation, this manifestation”—not to choose one person or another, one place or another, no, nothing of that kind existed: it was the thing in itself which was like a wonderful solution. And so, that’s all.

And then the consciousness began to observe: if there is nothing in this body which “aspired” to be that, it proves that this is not its work. Then there came that extraordinary Smile (I do not know how to express it), it was there, it passed and said… (one could translate it in quite a childlike manner): “It is not your business!” And that’s all. And then it was finished, I was not busy with it any more. “Not your business” in the sense: this does not concern you; whether it is this or that or that, it is not your business. That is all.

But what has become its business—in such an intense way that it cannot be expressed—is: “Thou, Thou, Thou, Thou.” No word can translate it: the Divine, to use one word. It is everything. For everything—to eat: the Divine; to sleep: the Divine; to suffer: the Divine… Like that [Mother points both hands upward]. With a kind of stability, of immobility.