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28 May 1969

There is only one solution, it is the direct contact of the physical with the Supreme. That is the only thing.

There you are.

But the cells of the body… (I do not know if it is particular to this body, I cannot believe that this body is so exceptional), but they are absolutely convinced, and they try, they try, they try all the while, all the while, all the while, with every misery, with every difficulty, with every… there is only one solution—only one thing: “Thou, Thou alone, to Thee alone—Thou alone existest.” It is this which is translated in the consciousness of people like the Buddhists and others, as world-illusion, but it is only a half-translation.

But the true solution is this: “Thou alone existest, Thou alone.” All the rest… all the rest is misery: misery, suffering… obscurity.

Perhaps—perhaps it is… Evidently in the conception of Sri Aurobindo, the Supramental escapes from all this misery.

There is only That. Otherwise, it is difficult.

Perhaps the half-measures now no longer suffice… I do not know. Perhaps it is time to take one’s stand definitely.

As for this body, it has taken its stand. But I felt… one must be very, very enduring—very enduring—so I did not urge others to do it, but all that amounts to saying that perhaps it is time. I do not know.