Publisher's Note

This volume is divided into two parts, the first part containing writings, the second part, conversations.

Part One consists primarily of brief written statements by the Mother on various aspects of spiritual life. Written between the early 1930s and the early 1970s, the statements have been compiled from her public messages, private notes, and correspondence with disciples. About two-thirds of them were written in English; the rest were written in French and appear here in English translation. There are also a small number of spoken comments, most of them in English. Some are tape-recorded messages; others are reports by disciples that were later approved by the Mother for publication. These reports are identified by the symbol § placed at the end.

This Part is arranged by theme in nineteen sections, each section having a number of subsections. Within the subsections, dated statements have been placed in chronological order, undated ones where they best fit in thematically.

The reader should note that most of these statements were given to particular persons under particular circumstances. The advice in them, therefore, may not apply to everyone.

Part Two consists of thirty-two conversations not included elsewhere in the Collected Works. The first six conversations are the earliest recorded conversations of the 1950s' period. About three-fourths of these conversations were spoken in French and appear here in English translation.